Red Earth and Pouring Rain

???????? – ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????, ????????? ?????????? ????????? ??????, ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????, ????????? ??????? ???, ??????? ??????? ???????? ????. -????????? ?????????. What is my mother to yours? What kin is my father to yours anyway ? And how did you and I ever meet ? But […]

Jagannath Rath Yatra

Etymologically, “”Jagann?th”” means “Master, Lord” (”n?tha”) of the “World, Universe” (”Jagata”).The word has Sanskrit origin, “Jagann?tha” is a genitive tat-puru?a-sam?sa, derived from “‘Jagat” (a reduplicated nominal form of the verbal root ?gam [to go]), meaning “[whatsoever] is moving” and n?tha (). Jagann?tha can thus also mean “He the shelter of […]

Vastu Temple Architecture

The architecture of Dharmic temples evolved over a period of several thousands years guided by Vastu principles. Dharmic temples are of different shapes and sizes ? rectangular, octagonal, semi circular ? with different types of domes and gates. Temples in southern India have a different style than those in northern […]

Pramana Systems

  Pratyaksha Pramana Pratyaksha or Perception implies direct, immediate cognition. There are two kinds of direct perception, external and internal. The ?external? perception implies cognition of sense objects, namely – sound, touch, form, taste and smell by our five sense organs or gyanendriyas – ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose. […]

Ramanujan’s Divine Mathematics

Researchers recently solved the cryptic deathbed puzzle renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan claimed came to him in dreams. While on his death-bed in 1920, Ramanujan wrote a letter to his mentor, English mathematician G. H. Hardy, outlining several new mathematical functions never before heard of, along with a hunch about […]

Banarasi Saree

In the world of fashion, ?Banarasi Saree? remains the Indian ?Sun? and has been a subject of great inspiration and appreciation for world-wide costume connoisseurs. These proposed episodes would try to fathom its historical continuance, record its traditions which goes from generation to generation and unveil the intricacies which goes […]

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